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WaySearch Hari Ram
Kanhaiya L Member
V.P.O. Karoli, Tehsil - Kosli, Distt. - Rewari Haryana
Pension Order Number
Central Order Number: 7368 FF
State Order Number: 93 RTK
Mobile: 09416114955
Actively participated in Hyderabad Agitation during Study period.
Give up studies in 1941 to protest against State.
Took active participation in Quit India Movement in 1942.
Determined to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi and joined Congress.
Oragnised Arya Samaj Unit in area to support Freedom Movement.
Participated in Faridkot agitation with Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Gayani Singh.
Founder member of Dujana State Prajya Mandal.
Worked under guidence of Ch. Ranvir Singh Hooda for Freedom Movement in Rohtak District.
Imprisoned , tortured and punished in 1945 for paticipation in Freedom Movement.
Got underground and visited Bangal to get help for the Prajya Mandal Movement.
Also cooridinated with freedom fighters for the movement , in Pataudi State, Nabha State, Loharu and Bawal State of that time.
Again arrested in 1946 and imprisoned till independece day.

After Indipendence worked for the upliftment of down trodden communities of Bawarias and Harijans in Haryana.

Two Sons -
Krishan Dutt and Pranav Anshu

Two Daughters -
Shakuntla and Nirmal Prabha

Grandchildren -
Varun Dev, Supavan Vikram, Manu Vachaspati and Vipula Rani

The people of India have acquired a tendecy to blame government for everything and dont pay their duties for the nation.
From Government part good policies have been made but implementation part is still pending.
The down trodden are not being cared properly.
Corruption is the major concern point in todays India.

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